Tourbillon Watches
Tourbillon Watches

Why is Tourbillon Watches awesome Expensive in 2020?

Many people have wondered why are tourbillon watches expensive. Tourbillon watches have the most sophisticated mechanical movement in the market today. These watches have more moving parts and take a lot of time to assemble than any other watch. Although in this I article will not go in-depth on how a tourbillon works, I will demonstrate the reason why they are so expensive.

Tourbillon Watches Expensive
Tourbillon Moon Phase

Automatic mechanical watches operated on a wheel and spring commonly known as ”mainspring”. This spring used in watches found to be affected by gravity as it oscillated on a fixed position. It was highly evident on pocket watches hanged on the chest. The gravitational pull coursed strain on the spring made it post an error on time readings.

In 1795 Abraham Louis Breguet discovered tourbillon mechanism that solved this problem. In tourbillon watches, he made a weighted wheel balance in an escapement that rotated once in every 60 seconds. It protected the balance spring from the strain and stress of gravity. In mechanical watches, the balance wheel rotates back and forth. It functions the same way as a pendulum in the older clocks. Then became a balance wheel that rotated on itself and the balance wheel inside rotated in one direction and goes round every 60 seconds or 30 seconds in some watches. It is the second counter in most watches.

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Why are Tourbillon Watches so Expensive

Do Tourbillon Watches tell the most accurate time?

Tourbillon Watch Expensive
Tourbillon Watches Expensive

Tourbillon watches are not the most account in time-telling. Then why are they the most expensive? These complicated watches made by hand are pieces of engineering art that take many hours to complete.

 It is that prestige of owning this sophisticated watch and the complexity of making one that makes it very expensive. This complex mechanism has passed as engineering art in most watch markets.

The earlier versions of tourbillon watches lacked in what watch lovers liked. They were delicate and difficult to read. They were manually wound. Later automatic version was introduced. Tourbillon watches will remain as mechanical art with the curiosity of this technological innovation will keep them on top of the market for a very long time. You already know, tourbillon watches are hand-made. This visual movement wheel makes it almost addictive. The beauty of its movement gives owner satisfaction.

How Expensive is a tourbillon Watch?

Tourbillon Watches Expensive
Tourbillon Watches Expensive

Tourbillon watches cost more than other watches in the market. These costs occur due to the sheer beauty of these watches, sophistication and pure art of their appearance. This tourbillon mechanism embraced by some of the watches markers like Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Cyrus Klepcys, Corum Bubble, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai Luminor, IWC Big Pilots, Ulysse Nardin, TAG Heuer, Stuhrling Meteorite and many others.

These watches cost between $40,000 and $100,000. You can get a certified watch for $5,000, although many would prefer a tourbillon watch. There are cheap tourbillon watches with visible spring on the display that are not real. These are referred to in the market as ‘open heart’. Buying a tourbillon watch is by sheer addictive mechanical art. If you can afford a tourbillon, then you will have left a lot of other options behind.

Are There Cheap Tourbillon Watches?

Revolving Mechanism
Revolving Mechanism

In recent years some Chinese watch manufacturers have started making cheaper single, double-axis watches that cost between $2,000 and 3,000. Tianjin Seagull oldest watch manufacturer in China is manufacturing tourbillon watches selling at $5,000. Another Switzerland watch manufacturer Technotime have started making generic tourbillon movement that has high-quality mechanical movement costing as low as $20,000. These watches have quality craftsmanship and are of required standards.

In today’s technology, manufactures will be able to make affordable tourbillon watches. The technology will enable us to produce spare parts in extremely high precision quality that will resemble the traditional hand-made. It is now possible to get cheap tourbillon watch under $1,000 through this manufacturing method.

Why are Tourbillon watches necessary?

Tourbillon Watches Expensive
Tourbillon Watches Expensive

These watches are supposed to keep time accurately. It is not the case with a tourbillon watch. This watch is crafted more for it looks and beauty, complexity and sophistication than just time-telling. These watches are known in the market as ‘Pinnacle of craftsmanship’ so they are the climax of watch manufacturing that watch lover would like.

Types of Tourbillon watches

Tourbillon Watches Expensive
Tourbillon Watches Expensive

Tourbillon watches have three main types in the market today.

If interested in purchasing one of these pieces, you have three basic options to choose from in a traditional tourbillon.

Common Types of Tourbillon

  • Flying Tourbillon- It has a visible complex wheel balance that is impressive and addictive look.
  • Double Axis Tourbillon– This has more than one wheel balance that rotates in a different direction and beautiful look.
  • Gyro tourbillon- This is a very thick 16mm tourbillon with double -axis and perpetual calendar. Some manufacturers include more than one functional though this doesn’t improve time telling.
Tourbillon Watches Expensive

Why Should you buy a tourbillon watch?

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These are the reasons why you might like to own a tourbillon watch. Most watch lovers look at these before they buy an expensive watch.

  • Craftsmanship – These watches have an impressive art of engineering that most manufacturers call ‘pinnacle of craftmanship’ that most watch lovers love to keep.
  • Aesthetics – These watches have complicated engineering art that is enjoyable to look at the spinning wheel balance.
  • Clout – There is that feeling of the prestige of owning one of the most sophisticated pieces of engineering art.
Tourbillon Skeleton Watch

Why should not buy a tourbillon watch?

These are the reason that might make you not buy a tourbillon watch.

  • Price – These watches are expensive. With the prices starting at $40,000, you have a lot of option even when you can comfortably afford one.
  • Unnecessary Engineering – The watch is so complex and sophisticated without the accuracy of time telling. In its price tag, you can go for the mineral-based watch.
  • Flashiness – Some of these watches are big with a visible tourbillon on the dial that may not blend well with your attire if you choose a simple look.
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Tourbillon Watches Expensive
Tourbillon Double Axis


If you want to buy a tourbillon watch, you have an informed decision to make. Most watch lovers who like to collect these sophisticated pieces of art would get them at whatever cost. The way you look at it, you have what it takes to have this complicated piece of engineering.

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