Tourbillon watch
Tourbillon Watches

What are Tourbillon Watches?

Tourbillon watches are mechanically operated with a circular suspended wheel that makes accurate movement and winds the watch perfectly. This was first discovered by a French watchmaker in 1795 and later perfected by other watch markers.
The word Tourbillon is a French word meaning whirlwind. The escapement and balance wheel in a tourbillon watch is mounted in a rotating cage. This affects the gravity of the timepiece to continuously rotate the entire wheel and escapement assembly at a slow rate that makes tourbillon most accurate self-winding watch.
The most expensive watches that use tourbillon like TAG Heuer and Frédérique Constant and many others showcase its mechanism in its display case to demonstrate to the watchmakers of its virtuosity.

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Technique, an example of which won the 2011 International Chronometry Competition held by the Horological

What Makes tourbillon watch better than others?

Breguet squelette watch 2933 with tourbillon

The oscillator on the tourbillon watch is more stabilised on the escapement to avoid being disturbed by shock or gravity. This enables the watch to work better and last longer. Temperature and magnetism have been eliminated with the use of new material in modern watches.
The main problem with regulating a watch is making it to constantly maintain time regardless of its position orientation. Tourbillon movement has been able to achieve this better than conventional automatic watches using other movements.


What is Double-axis tourbillon?

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° mechanism

Double Axis Tourbillon commonly referred to as Double tourbillon watch works is a different way. It turns the two axes to rotate once in a minute. This is powered by a special constant force mechanism called remontoire. This invention made it possible for the watch to equalize the winding and unwinding the mainspring. This regulates friction and gravitation forces.

What is the advantage of Triple-axis tourbillon?

Triple-Axis-Tourbillon Regulator Sport

Triple axis tourbillon has a 3rd external cage that makes it possible to use a jewel bearing instead of ball bearing in its mechanism. This unique mechanism scaled up the level of complication. It is only a few watches that use triple axes tourbillon.

What Flying Tourbillon

Tourbillon with three gold bridges, Girard-Perregaux

Flying tourbillon is supported by a bridge or cock on top and bottom. This mechanism is supported on one side. This was a genius invention by a German watchmaker Alfred Helwig.

Gyro tourbillon

Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon movement watch

Gyro tourbillon is fairly thick watches that are 16mm thick featuring double-axis tourbillon with perpetual calendar and equation time. Some thinner Gyrotourbillon has been produced that is easier to wear than the thick version.

Modern Tourbillon Watch


Modern watches have used tourbillon on the most popular brand that has made the price to skyrocket. However, some watches use the oscillating balance wheel visible through the watch dial which is not tourbillon. These watches are referred to as ‘open heart’ though most dealers call them tourbillon watches.

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