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What is the best watch strap 2020? Leather or Metal?

When you buy an expensive watch the biggest dilemma is which watch strap to have. You feel that the watch need an equally the best watch strap. the biggest question is which is the best strap for your watch. Leather strap watch or metal strap?

Best Watch Strap

Leather Watch Strap

Leather Watch strap

Leather strap watch comes in different styles and is pleasant to wear. Leather has a luxurious look. Some leather straps have a natural feel and pleasing to touch. You can match the leather strap with a belt or shoes. This makes them fashionable to wear.

The best watch strap for an expensive watch is a leather strap. This strap can never unbuckle carelessly and drop your watch. This strap wears off faster in comparison to the metal one. The leather strap is not waterproof and fails on sweaty hands.

Although you can polish and take good care of them, the leather strap will still wear faster than the metallic one. You will replace it many times during the age of the watch. The metal strap may last for a long time.

Metal Watch Strap

The metal watch strap is a good alternative for leather. They come in many forms like stainless steel, gold coated and bronze. They also look expensive in style and that is why they are used in high edge watches.

Although this metal watch strap is waterproof they tend to accumulate dirt in between the clips. They maintain the shiny look but fades slightly after a long time. This can be restored by some cleaning.

Metal straps are a great alternative to leather. They look somehow more expensive, especially when you see them on high-end watches like Rolex and Omega. These are equipped with the best watch strap in the market.

Metal straps are almost bulletproof. They are unlikely to break, can get wet and sweaty with no problem, and the material will not noticeably stretch. Adjusting the metal watch strap can be a little difficult. When you buy the watch from a dealer shop, they can do the adjustment themselves. If you bought your watch online, you will have to do it yourselves or take to a watch repairer for the adjustment.

The metal watch strap can unbuckle if caught on by some object. It is the reason many high edge watch manufacturers like Rolex have designed a deployment clasp with safety mechanism.

Other different types of watch straps

Best Watch Strap

There are other different types of straps that not leather nor metal. We have other types like Perlon Nato and Zulu straps that are cheaper than leather or metal. These straps are easy to clean and due to their affordable price you can buy various colours that can be matched by any outfit.

You have now realised watch straps are not easy to choose but know the pro and cons will help you make a quick decision.

Summary Best Watch Strap

Metal Strap V/S Leather Strap

Leather Strap


  1. Have a good matching colour and soft to touch
  2. They are easy to adjust the strap length
  3. Can not unbuckle easily
  4. Comfortable to wear.


  1. They are not waterproof and can be damaged by sweat
  2. They wear fast
  3. The colour may not match all outfits

Metal Strap


  1. These metal straps are long-lasting
  2. They are waterproof and not damaged by sweat
  3. They are cleaned and maintained easily
  4. They look luxurious and are a better choice for high edge watches


  1. Length adjustment is not easy
  2. They can unbuckle if pulled by some object
  3. They can be hot or cold depending on the temperature


The best watch strap is determined by the usage of the watch. Dressing watches are ideal with a leather strap as they are patterned to match any outfit. Sports watches are better worn with a metal strap as these will resist water and sweat. These stainless steel straps are also durable.

If you haven’t made a decision on the type of watch strap to buy, you can continue using that which came with the watch. Have a feeling of how comfortable there are before embarking on buying these expensive straps.

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