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Which is better analogue or digital watches?

Most people want to buy wristwatches but can’t tell whether to get analogue or digital watches. Some wear watches for time-telling. Other wear watches with different functions like stopwatches, GPS or a calculator. The purpose of the use will determine the kind of watch you need to buy.

Here are different functions of analogue or digital watches that will allow you to make your mind on the right one to buy.

Why Buy Analogue Watch?

Analogue watches have mechanical hands on the dial. Most of them have a second hand and numeric digits on the dial. These are the traditional classic style watches. These watches can have mechanical quartz movement.

The watches come in many styles


The choice of the watch will be more of a personal taste. Here are things to consider between analogue and digital watch.

Watch Display

Analogue watches have a display that is difficult to read in the dark. If you use watches at night most times, then you need to choose a digital watch. Analogue watches have a similar traditional look of hands moving around the display.

Some people might find it difficult to read an analogue watch. Digital watches may seem easy to read as they have a display with numbers.


Setting digital watches might look difficult at the beginning. You might use an instruction manual to do that. However, once you finish setting this will run on until the battery runs out

Analogue on the other hand will require a regular time setting. Every time the wind movement runs out you will need to set the time. Some analogue watches use batteries and are easy to set up.


Analogue or digital watches come in different designs and styles. The buyer requires to make a personal decision that suits them best.



  • Analogue watches have an elegant appearance and style
  • Analogue watches have sophistication look and appearance
  • These watches have a special appearance for events
  • These analogue watches are durable due to the material used
  • They have a variety of design and shapes.


  • Most analogue watches don’t have lighting on the dial
  • They are difficult to read time in darkness
  • They don’t have precision time telling especially for mechanical movement
  • Selective on some watch brands
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Why buy digital watches?

Most digital watches come with a variety of gadgets like calculators, GPS, auto calendars stopwatches and many other items. They are made of cheap material which makes them affordable. These watches are made of plastic material and are not flashy in any way.



  • They are affordable than analogue watches.
  • Digital watches are battery operated and no need of setting time often.
  • They are made of light material with high resistance to tear and wear.
  • They have Athletes gadget like stopwatches
  • Digital watches are easy to read time in the dark
  • They are designed with features like calendars, timers stopwatches and many more.
  • You can read time to the seconds and milliseconds.
  • Some of them can operate on solar energy.


  • Digital watches are made of plastic material that is not fancy or luxurious.
  • These watches are not available in popular brands like Rolex.
  • They can break down as they are electronically operated.
  • They are unpopular with many users.
  • They are not stylish and fashionable.

Tips For Choosing a watch between Analogue Or Digital Watches

After you have decided on what watch to buy, here are the guide tips of what to consider.

  • Check on the budget of the watch to buy
  • Select a watch size that will suit you
  • Select the type of strap that suits the watch
  • Check the brand that you want
  • Consider if you need the watch to be waterproof
  • Which colour suits you
  • Feel if the watch is comfortable on your wrist.


You should know that all digital watches are battery powered but analogue can be mechanically operated and battery operated (Quartz). The watches style and elegance differ significantly. Otherwise, the use of the watch is what will determine which watch is better than the other.

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